4,500 EUR

2,500 EUR

Located in IInd district Kurucles we offer a 135 sqm a 2 floor apartment with beautiful panorama for rent. It has a living-room, 3 bedrooms, 2bathrooms and garage for 2 cars. The solarbatteries just got ready and they cover about 80-90% off the elect

4,200 EUR

1,200,000 EUR

Located in II/A district we offer a 365 sqm modern minimal family house for rent. It has a living-room, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and garage for 3 cars.

2,900 EUR

2900 Euro/month! In the XII.district, exclusive part of Villa for rent.Great location a beautiful and exclusive style of enterior.240 sqm on 2 floors, sunny and elegant livingroom with a minimal style of kitchen.4 bedroom,2 bathroom place for 4 cars.

1,811,024 EUR

10,000 EUR

In the II / A district in Budaliget, in a green area, in a quiet side street, on a 1300 sqm plot, a 3-storey living room + 6-bedroom, 5-bathroom modern minimal family house with an outdoor swimming pool and a 2-car garage is for rent.

3,700 EUR

A luxurious family house in a quiet street in the II/A Máriaremete near to the French School is to let. The 440 sqm big house has a garage for 2 cars, outside swimming pool and lots of other extras.

1,115,486 EUR

In II / A district, Széphalom, modern minimal style living room + 5 bedroom, 2-storey, family house on a completely flat, 1000 sqm plot for sale.
Sophisticated interior design, coverings, lots of extras.

918,635 EUR

On the border of Adyliget-Nagykovácsi, an independent luxury family villa building, right next to the forest, with a panoramic, spacious living space, large glass areas, a double garage, an intimate garden, an atrium, a large living room with a fireplace and 4 bedrooms.

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