236,760 EUR

In II / A district, on the border of Máriaremete and Széphalom, full panoramic, 30-40 m wide east-facing, 1100 sqm sloping corners approx. 30nm lightweight construction case with excellent features. Electricity and water inside the plot, gas and

153,271 EUR

Máriaremete a quiet side street, 21 meters wide storefront utilities, south-east facing, L6-class II-08 area, 15% built-resident land for sale. The land for a building permit to the owner, it is currently in the final. The picture is just illustration!

202,492 EUR

II / Adyliget quiet side street, SW facing, 1034 sqm, utilities, old trees, completely flat plot with 21m"s street side, L6 construction zone, with 15% built for sale.

249,221 EUR

II / a district Adyligeten, very quiet, green area, next to the wood, panoramic, final building permit - 150 sqm per floor terrace, two residential houses built on it - utilities, 1008 square meter plot eladó.22m wide and 46m long.

311,526 EUR

600 acre plot! Remeteszőlősön side street bordered by forests, 2,160 sqm, panoramic view, self-contained plot demolished wooden houses, street front 60 m, 22.5% with built-seller.

165,109 EUR

II / Hidegkút flat side street with a view of 980 sqm, Di-side, 16 meters wide, this conservation area are taking, panoramic, partly flat, partly sloping land 80 sqm demolished house for sale. Water, electricity on the plot. Gas, sewage in front of the plot.

109,034 EUR

in addition to the II / Budaligeten nature reserve, 226 nöl panoramic 17,5x46,5 m site, built with a 15% sale. Water Street property with gas, sewer progress (in 2007) before electric sites. Facing NE.